About Us

I'm just a girl with too many opinions, a strong love for fashion, and ADD. I'm also a girl with a fashion degree that couldn't find a job after being laid off. You always envision moving to NYC and living this fantastic Sex & the City type of life while working as a successful fashion designer.

And then you move to NYC, and your real life is actually answering phones and making coffee runs. And after you leave your low paying fashion job in the city you hop on the subway to work your second job in Brooklyn. You do this almost every day to afford to live with two roommates and to live off salami sandwiches.

Then you get laid off and move back to Detroit, and start bartending, naturally. 

Beals Street is where my grandmother grew up. She had a love for sewing and creating things for those that she loved and I'm almost certain that's why I do it. 

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The email address also applies for any questions you have about Beals Street and its products.